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Honey Amla Murabba 350g

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Amla is such a rare fruit That constitutes all 5 Tastes(Ras).

Amla or Indian Gooseberry is a nutrient-rich green fruit, filled with a highly concentrated source of vitamin c and having five ras according to Ayurveda, that has a balancing effect on the doshas and also promotes detoxification.
The fruit contains two hydrolyzable tannins Emblicanin A and B, which have antioxidant properties. These Compounds are 10 Time More beneficial than vitamin C for enhancing our immunity power & preventing us from Various Diseases. Mother Nature has gifted mankind with tremendous fruit to create a disease-free and healthy life.
It has different beneficial effects with different Anupana, i.e. if we consume it with honey, it will activate toxin–burning effects of Triphala and when taken along with ghee. it will rejuvenate the body. So, one herb used in different ways provides different benefits.
It supports liver function and flushes out toxins from the body.
We have combined two superfoods Amla and honey to making this delicious amla murabba. and also using some whole spices and herbs. The honey takes out the bitterness from the amla and makes it extremely delicious.

Benefits of honey-based Murabba riched with herbs and spices.

1) Amla is a great source of vitamin C thus making it an amazing immune booster. Vitamin C is important for children, adults, and the elderly.

2) It is good for your heart health: Amla acts as a natural blood thinner and prevents arterial occlusion as we age. Organic acids such as ascorbic acid, tartaric acid, salicylic acid, maleic acid are found in amla, makes the blood thin.

3)Good For skin/hair disorders: Healthy skin and hair are vastly dependent on your intake of Vitamin C. Amla rich source of vitamin C so it is double effective for skin health.

4) Amla is a rich source of fibre: You must include fibre in your diet for a healthy digestive system.
our Honey Amla Murabba riched with spices like sunthi , maricha , pippali it strongly helps to digest your food.

How is different from other sugar-based Murabba?

A baseline of sugar can increase your body weight and compare to this honey-based product will maintain your physics and helps to reduce your body weight.

Nagkesar has also the property of digestion of fat material ultimately helps to reduce body fat.

Sugar base Murabba is not suitable to those with having acidity for sweet substance as a comparatively honey base along with spices and herbs will not cause any trouble.

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Dipika Bansal
Very good

I will order again this honey amla murabba. excellent product.

Smir bhat
Hand-made product. Healthy and tasty.

made using honey and whole spice and herbs as per mention in their label ... I loved it. Good source of vitamin C and many more health benefits.

Nidhi Rao
good and tasty murabba

this is a very different and unique product than sugar-based murabba. worthy buy!

Garima Ghosal
Superb quality and taste

Amla is clean with original taste. my entire family liked this murabba. this is my first order but I am going to order it again.


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