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Myths About Honey: Busted!

 Honey is the oldest sweet substance humans have been eating. For ages, honey has been used in some form or another by people all around the world in their food. Thus, it comes as no surprise that over time certain myths about honey seem to have become popular. But in reality, they are just what they are - myths and completely untrue. Today, we plan to bust some of these common myths 

1. Crystallized honey is impure and bad for health

crystallization of honey

Totally False! Honey Crystallization is A Natural Process it's not a sign of adulteration or spoilage. crystallization depends on various factors. Honey is mainly comprised of two sugars: fructose and glucose. The main factors involved in crystallization honey the fructose/glucose ratio and the glucose/water ratio. high F/G and a low G/W generally have a slow crystallization process. When the level of glucose increases, it becomes insoluble in the water, and crystallization will happen. Another common reason for crystallization involves the storage temperature if you store honey at a lower temperature then it will crystallize. 

Bottom line? Crystallization of honey is a gift of nature.

2. Honey going dark changes taste and is bad for health

Honey is a natural product and natural honey has no preservatives therefore it may change color and become dark owing to its natural components. All factors such as soil, temperature, and climate play a role in defining the properties of honey. Honey comes in different colors because it comes from different flowers – the color is dependent on the nectar is coming from.

3.Metal and honey should not be mixed.

Another common myth in Indian households is that metal spoons should not be used on honey because it rusts the metal and honey may lose flavor and taste. Honey does not react with metal and can be stored in metal pots without any worry.  To save yourself from the hassle of consuming artificial honey, switch to natural and pure honey today. Just click here to know more.

4.Honey is an aphrodisiac

Probably one of the reasons why couples go on a honeymoon is because honey is considered an aphrodisiac and increases sexual vigor. There is no scientific study that proves this belief and thus falls under the category of a myth.

5.What Makes Honey Thick or Runny?

It all depends on the floral sources the nectar, the weather, and the temperature of the honey itself. Raw Honey is not thicker than honey that has been processed.

Honey is hygroscopic, which means that it absorbs humidity from the air. This will also influence your honey's flow rate.

The only difference between thin and thick honey is its moisture content.

In order to make honey more attractive in the market, some brands deliberately thicken the honey (by processing it and heat on high degrees for a long time).

We at The Natures Way have developed high-quality and technology equipment to remove the excess moisture without heating honey. It involves drying the Honey using a vacuum. It helps in effectively removing impurities. Its construction using superior grade stainless steel to fulfill all GMP norms and government criteria. 

Honey has a lot of nutritional and medicinal benefits and therefore is so widely used but myths do tend to get in the way of utilizing and consuming honey in the correct way and therefore should be done away with completely. 

You can learn more about using honey in your diet here:
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