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Natures Way Foodtech LLP is one of the leaders in the field
of organized Honey trade in India, with its high-quality standard in-house
facilities for testing, processing, and filtration of honey. we’re passionate
about bringing you high-quality natural bee products that are 100% natural,
free from pesticides and GMOs. Quality Control is an integral part of our
business. and we strive to minimize our carbon footprint through eco-friendly
packaging and production practices.

  • organic certified raw honey pure natural unprocessed

    Wild Multiflora Honey

    Our wild multiflora honey is a carefully curated selection of India's rarest, and finest wild honey varieties. It is harvested sustainable way from the dense forests of diverse regions of India by our tribal partners. This honey contains nectar and pollen of various wildflowers which makes it more healthy and medicinal.

  • organic unprocessed raw wild forest honey

    Sidr Wild Honey

    This honey is collected from the dense forests of the Aravalli range of Rajasthan and has the nectars from Sidr (Indian berry) flowers. Sidr wild honey is one of India's most popular honey due to its exquisite fruity taste and sweetness. It is unfiltered and purely raw. This special edition honey has extra pollen content and is made by the apis dorsata honeybees.

  • The Natures Way organic wild forest honey

    Jamun Wild Honey

    Jamun wild honey is collected sustainably from the hives of the giant rock bee (apis dorsata) in deep forest. Where jamun flowers bloom mainly during july - august. Jamun honey is a low gi (glycemic index) food so it makes it suitable for diabetics.

Our Services

Bulk Honey

We offer bulk packaging specifically for brands and industries which employ its services for the production of various types of eatables. The pack types include drum packing and bucket packing.

Private Labels

The services of the organization extend beyond the self-owned brands of the organization. The company also serves various private-label honey players in the industry who require its services. If you are looking for more information and product details, please feel free to submit either our online inquiry form or email us at

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