About The Natures Way

The Nature's way was founded by Pintu Suvagiya For out of the passion for organic farming and growing our own food and helping turn our soils fertile,who quit his corporate careers as a 3d Artist at Advertising company  to pursue their immense interest for farming and being with livestock, plants and soil, and living with one strong intention to consciously do what they Love.Born in a Farmer’s family in small village Borvav-Gir Somnath District of Gujarat. But educated and worked for some time across cities they returned to farming and agriculture, but decided to do it holistically and hence started working in coherence with nature, more like tuning with nature and helping it to grow.

 Our farmer Owned brand The Nature's Way was launched and we tied up with several retail chains.We works with numerous Small Beekeepers and small farmers from diverse regions of India. Now, we also have an online platform, and we supply our organic products to customers across india.

The Nature’s way is a social enterprise which believe in a connecting small marginal farmers with customers in their community. We love our produce organic and pesticide-free and certified, however small farms can’t always afford organic certification, so the certification is not a compulsory criteria. But, through our standard operating procedures, we definitely ensure that the produce is truthfully organic compliance. 

We envision a world that says no to toxic, so no one’s health is affected – including the farmer’s, your family’s, environment and the Earth. 

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