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Honey Rose Gulkand 400g

Honey Rose Gulkand 400g

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A Great Digestive tonic.
Honey Rose Gulkand is a sweet Indian delicacy. The Natures Way Gulkand is prepared using damask rose petals, pure honey, and whole spices and herbs, this honey Gulkand will have no chemicals or preservatives which makes it twice as tasty and nutritious than the regular Gulkand. Honey Rose Gulkand is considered good medicine for its enormous health benefits. We using the traditional Ayurvedic method to make it.
Riched with herbs, spices, and intense rosy fragrance, this Gulkand from heaven itself is sure to transform your edibles in a way that is beyond imagination.

Benefits of honey-based gulkand riched with herbs and spices.

1) it improves digestion and helps to reduce acidity, acid peptic disorders as it is consumed daily once it will prevent you to be the patient of disorders of pitta.

2) rose and honey both improves skin tone and maintain skin nutrition so it is double effective for skin health

3) rose possessing cold property thus it helps to purify blood and prevent blood disorders. Removes impurities from body.

4) honey and rose both are beneficial for eye and improve your vision and health of the eye.

5) as it riched with spices like sunthi , maricha , pippali it strongly helps to digest your food and also prevents you from heaviness of abdomen and gastritis.

Our Gulkand contains herbs like nagkesar which is highly immunized your body and prevents you from various seasonal disorders.

How honey-based gulkand riched with spices and herbs is different from other sugar-based gulkand ?

A baseline of sugar can increase your body weight and compare to this honey-based product will maintain your physics and help to reduce your body weight.

Nagkesar has also the property of digestion of fat material ultimately helps to reduce body fat.

Sugar base gulkand is not suitable to those with having acidity for sweet substance as a comparatively honey base along with spices and herbs will not cause any trouble.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Anu Dwivedi

I appreciate the valuable information you gave.

Kamlesh Naik

Honey Rose Gulkand is good in taste and more important things are sugar free and natural, first time I have tasted but now I love this product

smell and tast is good.

If you are looking for without sugar gulkand then the natures way gulkand is the best choice. with herbs

Ruchi Verma
Highly recommend

i tried it and i loved the natures way honey based gulkand! The packing is wonderful.