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Mountain Honey

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Our mountain honey is made by apis mellifera migratory bees from the forest region of the Kashmir valley. The main nectar sources of this honey are van Tulsi, Sulai flowers and some wild herbs. They have a lot of nutritional value and medicinal properties. When the flowers bloom, the honeybees come and forage on the nectar of the blossoms and give the goodness of the plant as honey. This honey is thick and light golden in color. It is a great source of antioxidant and has good antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. The significant health benefits of mountain honey are that it cures urinary infections and improves the immune system. 


Honey crystallization: a natural process 

Crystallization is one of the best identities of authentic raw honey. It is a natural process and not a sign of adulteration or spoilage. The main reason for crystallization is (f/g) fructose/glucose and the (g/w) glucose/water ratio. If honey has high f/g and low g/w, then it will slow down crystallization and if glucose is high then crystallization will be fast. It all depends on the honey’s source of nectar and the flora that the bees have foraged. 

Crystallized honey can be consumed so we strongly recommend using crystallized raw honey in the same form, without any heat treatment. 

No antibiotics & sugar 

We procure all our honey varieties from wild forest beehives where the bees are not treated with antibiotics or fed sugar syrup. 

Varied honey texture, colour, and taste 

The texture, colour, and taste will change between different batches in the same variety of honey as well. 

Texture can be dependent on the floral source. Color can also be affected by age as honey generally gets darker with age and another factor is the crystallization process. Honey generally appears lighter when crystallized. 

Pure raw honey straight from a hive is full of unique flavor notes based on its region and season. 

We invite you to experience pure honey just as nature intended. 

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Customer Reviews

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Ruchi Verma
authentic honey.

having used different brands of honey over the years, I found this one is real honey. this is the third purchase.

Kunjan bhanderi
Awesome product

Very tasty and hygienic products.One of the best pure honey.

Preeti Sharma
worth buying. go for it !!!

natures way mountain honey is very good quality honey, but a bit expensive though. the jar was perfectly packed with a cushion.

Akash Jain
the honey jar was very well packed and delivered in good condition

packing is really good and product quality is best.

JM Mathews
Taste is different than other brands

I have used The Natures way's Mountain Honey and it tastes and feels like real honey.


Ask a Question
  • Is your honey is heated to a certain temperature or not?

    yes, our honey is indirectly heated approx 45°C to destroy yeast and impure matter like dead bees unnecessary beeswax, and air bubbles. we have developed a unique honey processing cum moisture reduction plant that facilitates the reduction of excess moisture by falling film vacuum evaporation. as per International/European
    and Indian Standards of honey.

  • Is Raw honey also heated to certain degree? If yes means to how much degree?

    Raw honey generally can be defined as honey obtained by minimal processing. Raw honey has not been heated to the point of pasteurization (no higher than 49°C).The benefit of unheated honey is that the naturally-occurring enzymes, minerals and vitamins are preserved and you get the full benefits of them from eating raw honey.
    We have developed technology equipment to remove the excess moisture without heating honey. It involves drying of the Honey using vacuum.